LMT Tools Thread Rolling

LMT Tools Thread Rolling

LMT Tools is the leader in Thread Rolling Technology. No other manufacturer offers such a broad range of rolling systems along with the best solution for each customer’s unique application. Additionally, LMT has always driven technological progress, continuously striving to strengthen their position as the leader in thread forming technologies. Their rolling heads create exterior profiles of any type. Cold forming enables high accuracy in just seconds. As a user, thread rolling provides you with several advantages in comparison with machining: Production time is extremely short, while high thread strength and consistent dimensions are achieved. You also benefit from excellent surface quality and long tool life. All of those advantages combined set the bar for chipless forming.

Top quality rolled threads guarantee you excellent component reliability and durability. You can roll endless threads or short threads in front of or behind a collar. Nearly all materials with a minimum stretch of approx. 5% can be rolled. You can even roll thin-walled pipes with the help of an internal mandrel.

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The EVOline axial rolling head with a coolant clamping unit

Axial rolling systems
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LMT Fette axial rolling heads have two to three, and in special cases up to six, thread rolls with pitch-free profile rings. The rolls swivel along their horizontal axis, so that the workpiece /the rolling head is axially shifted around the thread pitch with a full revolution. Since the rolls “traverse” axially over the workpiece, they can produce threads of any length and with diameters of 1.4 to 230 mm. Together with our customers, we have developed our axial rolling system even further. Discover our newest generation, the EVOline. Its modular design makes it easy to assembly and very reliable.

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