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Boneham Metal Products

Boneham Metal Products

Boneham Metal Products, Inc. is committed to supplying drill bushings that meet or exceed the tolerance specifications established by our customer, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Their drill bushings are manufactured to the material, functional, and dimensional parameters dictated by the operational requirements put forth by our customer. We strive to provide drill bushings that will maintain a service life consistent with their intended use, and we are always working to deliver our products in the most expeditious time frame possible.

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Who to Contact

Rep: Kirk Beavers
Area: Iowa and Nebraska
Phone: 515-249-3549
Email: moc.p1563890312er-lo1563890312ot@kr1563890312ik1563890312

Rep: Chris Beavers
Area: Kansas and Missouri
Phone: 317-495-4332
Email: moc.p1563890312er-lo1563890312ot@si1563890312rhc1563890312